Haitian Earthquake Relief

Haitian relief
The Beloved worked in Haiti for three months in 1993 in conjunction with some US Army operation going on at the time. He saw some Really, Really Bad Things. He also enjoyed lots of goat stew. When we heard about the horrific destruction caused by the earthquake last Tuesday, he was very aware that it couldn’t have happened in a worse place or in a country more ill-prepared to deal with such widespread devastation.

When I heard that the Amazing Marc from [No Recipes] planned to donate his ad revenue from January toward the relief effort, I immediately jumped on board. Since I’m blessed to have both a blog (here) and a website (PCO), I will be donating all the ad revenue for the month of January to earthquake relief in Haiti. As soon as I receive the January payments (which could be as late as March or April), I’ll be donating it to the American Red Cross “Haiti Relief and Development” Fund. I know it seems like a long time to wait, but look at New Orleans–almost five years later, and they’re still trying to rebuild after Katrina. I’m pretty sure the Red Cross can find a way to use a donation given in March or April.

For more information to help you help me maximize my donation, visit Marc’s Blog Away Hunger Help Haiti page. If you’d care to make an online donation to the American Red Cross, you may do so here.

Thanks a lot. The Red Cross will know exactly how to use our donation effectively.

After the 18th, I’ll move this content to a new page for Haitian Relief. You’ll be able to get to it from the sidebar. I’d pin it to the top here, if I could, but WordPress won’t let me.

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