Baking Essentials

Welcome to the Shameless Commerce Section of PMAT!  I’ve tried to only suggest items that I own and use often or items that I would like to own.  If you want to see what I think is Not Worth Your Time or money, visit the “Don’t Waste Your Money” store.  If you can think of a Useless Item, I will add it there and give you credit, too.

Likewise, if you have a favorite foodie movie, memoir, piece of equipment, etc, I’ll add that to the Proper Category.

Baking Essentials–visit to see all my stores, or click the appropriate link:

Essential Appliances

Essential Cookbooks

Essential Food Writing and Chef Biographies

Essential Ingredients

Essential Tools and Gadgets

Essential Foodie Movies

Holiday Gifts for the Baker

Don’t Waste Your Money

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