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The Weekend: Parents, Plants and Pasta. And Freddie. And Adam.

1 Mar
black and white kitten

This is our foster kitten Tyler. Ruthie hates him. She stares at him, just thinking of ways to kill him. He usually slinks away and stays far away from her. This morning, he jumped on her back, spreadeagled like a flying squirrel. She was Not Amused. It was more than a little bit awesome.

Yes, The Beloved and I hosted my esteemed mother and father this weekend.  We had a lovely time.  They left their dog, China, at home so they could enjoy our “children” without worrying about cat-dog animosity.  That worked out beautifully.  The grandparents were able to hang out with our kids without hurting China’s feelings.  So yay!

Friday night, I made a simple tomato sauce and served it with some cheese ravioli.  And for Saturday breakfast, I made us some pancakes.  ‘Member that batch of flour, baking powder and salt I put together for the scaling video?  Well, I used that as the base.  To that, I added a wee handful of sugar, eggs and milk.  As simple as a mix, and way better.  If you want to make your own self rising flour (which is pretty much what flour+baking powder+salt equals) to make pancakes or biscuits or whatever, just use 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon of salt per 4 oz of flour and whisk it up.  Then, to make pancakes, for each 1 cup of “mix,” use an egg, 1 cup of dairy, a tablespoon of sugar and a wee splash of vegetable oil.  And maybe a dash of cinnamon or something else fun.  You can also add a touch of vanilla.  Mix it up, and there you go.

Okay, so where was I?  Ah, yes.  After breakfast, we ended up going to a nursery about five miles from the house.  Now, I’ve been to nurseries before, but this place was Unreal.  It’s called Plant Delights, and it’s on the premises of Juniper Level Botanical Gardens.  Spectacular.  They have four open houses a year–winter, spring, summer and fall–so you can see what the plants look like during all seasons.  Of course, this was the winter one, and there were so many plants that had interesting branch formations and seedpods and Frilly Parts that you almost didn’t care that they were sort of wheat colored.

We found out about this place because Randy, our house’s former owner, bought lots of stuff from Plant Delights–specimens all over the yard that bloom at different times throughout the year so there is always something Cool to look at.  Because of that, we get their catalog.  We’re “Current Resident.”  If you’re a Plant Person, go check out their website.  If not, just know that we had fun and be happy for us.

Sunday evening, we all went over to friend MaryLou’s house where we enjoyed a lovely pot-luck vegetarian Sunday Supper.  ML made a great roasted veggie pasta bake.  You can make one too, if you want.  She diced up mixed veggies–red, yellow and green bell pepper, butternut squash, eggplant, onions and more–seasoned them and roasted them.  Mixed them all up with some ziti and seasoned tomato sauce, topped the whole shebang with cheese and Baked Until Bubbly.  Really tasty, satisfying and easy.  Yay.

I do have to report that my dear mother Jane was cold all weekend.  I know this because she told us about 471,000 times.  Not always in words either.  She’d do the old Bob-Cratchit-doesn’t-have-enough-coals shuffle, the chafing-of-the-wrists, the swathing-in-chenille-throws.  When she did say something about being cold, it was pretty straightforward:  “I’m cold.”  And then, this is how the conversation would go:

Jane:  I’m cold.

Jenni: Well, I’ll turn up the heat.

Jane:  Oh, no.  Don’t do that!

Jenni:  Well, mother, if you’re cold we’ll turn it up.

Jane: Oh, no–I’ll be okay.

Jenni: I’ll turn on the fire place.

Jane:  No, I don’t think so.

Jenni:  Seriously, mother–if you’re cold, we can turn up the heat.  You can turn it up yourself if you want.

Jane:  Oh, no.  I’m fine.  Really.

Jenni:  I know.  You wanna keep warm? How about you burn that cross you’re carrying around…

And then later:

Jane:  Woo!  It is chilly in here.

Jenni:  If you’re cold, turn up the heat or turn on the fire place.

Jane:  No, I don’t think so.  I’ll be okay.

Jenni:  I’ve given you your options.  If you’re cold, you have two ways to Take Action and Get Warm.  If you don’t want to do either of those things, then I don’t want to hear about it.  Save yourself, woman.

I told her I was going to tell all of you about this.  I’m not sure if she believed me.  Ha!

As some of you know, my mom is very into Queen.  She discovered Queen through our boy Adam.  Freddie Mercury is one of his big influences, so mom had to go check them out.  Now, she is a die hard fan and talks about Freddie, Brian, Roger and John like they all went to college together.  She is forever humming or whistling snippets of Queen songs–it’s kind of weird (in a good way) to realize that your Sainted Mother is whistling Bohemian Rhapsody as opposed to The Old Rugged Cross.

She recently purchased Queen’s A Night at the Opera on Amazon.  All by herself.  The Lure of Queen is very strong to make her overcome her queasiness about using her credit card online.  Here’s her current favorite from that album:
It is most catchy, huh?  Go mom.  Go Freddie.

Oh, and our boy Adam was in concert at Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio, CA.  He performed an amazing slow acoustic jam of Whole Lotta Love.  You have to hear it to believe it.  If you’re not into guys wearing peacock feathers and turquoise hair extensions, look away.  But don’t close your ears–he is amazing.

PS  I’ll be finishing up the pretzel video series in a few days.  The Beloved has ordered some more memory for my computer.  As it is now, every time I make an edit, the computer thinks about it for about 45 seconds each time.  Rather than throw the poor computer down the stairs in Frustration, I think I’ll just wait for the memory to come in.  So, to The Beloved, “Thanks for the memory!”

Fair Warning: This Post Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With Pastry Methods and Techniques.

4 Aug

So, I went to the American Idol concert in Charlotte with my mom.  As it turns out, I didn’t think we looked like Old Hookers at all.  I thought we looked Very Nice.  I shall now Recap the show for you.  If you Do Not Care about American Idol, or if you are Not a Fan of Adam, you might want to just move along now.  Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my Normal Self, but today, I’m still channeling the fangirl within.

Mother and I have been Giddy with Anticipation of the show for weeks and weeks.  And weeks.  Since the tour began on July 5, we’ve been following all the concert videos, reading all the recaps and local reviews and generally acting like Hysterical Tweens.  And why all this furor?  Why would we try to listen to a cell cast of a show that makes everyone sound like they’re under water?  Why frequent a blog where people seriously debate the merits of throwing bras onstage?  Friends, his name is Adam Lambert.  This 27-year-old has turned my mother and me into a Pile of Goo.  Heck, I’m old enough to be his mother fun aunt, and mom is old enough to be his grandmother fun great aunt.  Nevertheless, we are both Over the Moon for Our Boy.  Not only is he strikingly handsome, but he is also probably one of the most talented singers I’ve ever heard.  Seriously.  Not only can he belt out Whole Lotta Love and make everyone in the audience think he’s singing directly to them, he can also do this:Wow, right?!

The show started at 7pm.  I started getting ready at 2:30pm.  Yeah, that’s how bad I have it.  I was going to be one in about 15,000 folks there, but I had to look Just Right.  Pitiful.  But, not only did I have to Bathe and Shave, I also had to put on a Ton of makeup, make my hair stick up artfully, glue jewels to my face, put on Serious undergarments and my keen dress and have The Beloved Bedazzle my tattoo.  That’s a lot.   My mom came over at 3:30.  She was already dressed and wearing Turquoise Eyeshadow, but she also had to sew a Thing onto my dress and paint her nails with sparkly black polish.  That’s a lot, too.  And, here we are:mom and me 2editHere are my Facial Jewels:

One at the outside corner of each eye, and one fake nose piercing.  I'm not proud, but I am committed.

One at the outside corner of each eye, and one fake nose piercing. I'm not proud, but I am committed.

And, the Bedazzled Tattoo.  The Beloved did this all by himself.  Someone took a picture of it at the concert, and I got a couple of compliments on it, too!
tattoo4editWe left for the venue at about 4:45pm, found parking and then went and had a Smackerel to Eat.  Mother had a bottle of water in her handbag so she could take her pill during the show.  This struck me as Very Humorous.  Anyway, the security lady at the arena made her throw it away.  When mom told her she needed water so she could take her pill, the security lady gave her another bottle of water.  She might have taken it from another concert-goer.  We’re not sure.

We had reasonably good seats with an Unobstructed View of the stage.  I futzed about with the camera to see if I could figure out how to get the Best Shots Possible.  I settled on Portrait + Night Scene, in case you were wondering.  Here is the view from our seats:

Section 116, Row W.  Not bad.

Section 116, Row W. Not bad.

And here is a view of us in our seats:useditMother and I decided we should clap and cheer for everyone.  Even the ones of whom we were Not Fans.  So, Michael Sarver came out, and we clapped and listened to him sing his two songs.  It was nothing special, but he seems like a nice guy, and he certainly had a lot of energy.  We clapped at the end, too.  Some of the folks in our section Did Not.  Rude.  Megan with her Hot Pink Self came out next, teetered about on some very high heeled hot pink gladiator-type sandals.  Props for balance.  We clapped because she Did Not Fall.  Go Megan.  Scott arose from under the stage and sang his two songs and told the same jokes he’d been telling since the start of the tour.  YouTube, Scott.  People watch it.  He sang Reasonably Well, so we clapped for him, too.  Wee Lil Rounds came out next and sang with her Big Voice and pranced about.  She finished her set with Single Ladies.  Lil is lovely, and she will make a great front person for a Very Nice Wedding Band.  We clapped for her, too.

Anoop Desai was up next.  For those of you who don’t know, he’s from Chapel Hill, NC, so Charlotte was Home Turf for him.  He got a huge ovation.  We stood and cheered and yelled, “Anoooooooooop” with everyone else.  He got choked up, which was Precious, so I got choked up, too.  We had a Moment, Anoop and I.  He has a lovely, smooth voice and did a lovely job with his ballad, Always On My Mind.  He finished his set with Bobby Brown’s (not Britney Spears’) My Prerogative.  Fun.  More cheering and Anoooooop-ing.  Yay.

Matt Giraud, who might actually be Jerry Lee Lewis reincarnated, pounded out Hard To Handle.  He was here.  He was there.  He played the piano standing up.  He played the guitar with his feet.  Okay, not that last, but he was Truly Impressive.  More standing and cheering and yelling.  Even ma mere was yelling, and her voice doesn’t work so well.  So, go Matt, for making mom yell!

And here we are at the end of the First Half.  We could tell, because they did a Group Number.  The girls sang You’re Just Too Good to Be True, and our ears bled just a little.  We shuddered and rolled our eyes, but we clapped anyway.   A couple of other Bits of Song happened, and then the boys ended with Beggin’.  Nice.

There was an Intermission, at which time I had to find my phone which I had dropped at some point.  The Helpful Ladies in front of us found it for me.  Thank you, Helpful Ladies.

The Second Half.  Whereas the first half was a showcase of finalists 10-5, the second half was a Concert.  That wee little flame-haired Allison Iraheta came out and punched us all in the face with So What, Cry Baby and Barracuda.  Punched us in a Good Way.  The girl is 17 but has a voice like cigarette smoke and sandpaper.  And I mean that in the best way.  She moved around so much on the stage that, in a couple of my shots, she’s not even in them.  We stood and yelled and cheered.

Up next was Danny Gokey.  Mom liked him okay on the show.  I, however, was Decidedly Anti-Gokey.  But, we cheered anyway, and he actually did a nice job, even though his background for PYT looked like a game of Tetris.  He also sang Maria, Maria and What Hurts the Most.  He gave us a little Tony Robbins-esque speech about never giving up on our dreams and then dedicated his last song, My Wish, to Every Single Person In The Audience.  Thanks, Gokey.

Gokey finished, and we clapped.  Then, we paused for a moment and began to Leap About and Yell.  Our Boy was Up.  I hardly know what to say about his performance.  It was sexy.  It showcased his technical prowess and his vocal control.  It slithered around the stage.  Pheremones literally flew off of him in every direction, and all of us were lost in an Adam Trance.  We were well and thoroughly Adamized, and we loved every single minute of it.  The set:  Whole Lotta Love (Led Zepellin), Starlight (Muse), Mad World (Tears for Fears), Slow Ride w/Allison (Fog Hat), Medley of Life on Mars?/Fame/Let’s Dance (David Bowie).  We screamed.  We yelled.  We danced.  We might have Welled Up a little.

The Glittery Alien Prince from Planet Fierce

The Glittery Alien Prince from Planet Fierce

adam7editLast up was Idol Winner Kris Allen.  He is extremely talented–a great guitarist and pianist.  He also has a rich, smooth cappucino voice.  He is not Sexy like old Adam, but he is handsome and adorable, humble and confident at the same time.  He sang his masterful version of Kanye’s Heartless, All These Things That I Have Done by The Killers, Matchbox 20’s Bright Lights, Ain’t No Sunshine and Hey, Jude.  We yelled and screamed for Kris, too.  Adam’s and Kris’s sets couldn’t have been more different, but they were both excellent.  More yelling and clapping.

The grand finale had everyone out on stage again, singing Journey’s rather cheesy but fun 80s anthem Don’t Stop Believing.  A great way to end the show.

We actually Braved the Barricades and were 2 rows back from the front.  We stood there for about an hour chatting amiably with our fellow Barricaders.  And then, when the idols began coming out for autograph signing and pictures and Such, it went from an Amiable Group of Sisters in Arms to The Barricade Scene from Les Mis.  Adam arrived; everyone shrieked and heaved forward on a Tide of Estrogen, as I in vain actually tried to tell everyone to calm down (!) because if we knocked over the barricades then they would whisk our boy away and nobody would get to see him.  Security was yelling at everyone.  I was Smooshed between the folks in the front who were moving back and the folks behind who were still shoving forward.  Something was pushing into my ankles, and I turned around to see a wheelchair-pushing lady pushing a wheelchair (avec passenger) into my Self.  A large Pink Woman shoved in front of me, and when I Called her On It, she yelled at me that she had as much right to be there as anyone because she had paid her money, too.  And then, she called me a Mean Word.  I managed to snap a dim photo of Adam before I backed out of the Melee and shoved Wheelchair Girl forward so she could see.  I kind of was hoping that I had hit Pink Woman in the ankles with the wheelchair.  I am Not a Saint.

My hard won photo of Adam.

My hard won photo of Adam.

And that, my friends, was that.  Overall, Mom and I had a Fantastic Time at the concert.  I would definitely go and see Adam again on a solo tour.  Ditto Matt, Allison and Kris.  Anoop is actually singing at the NC State Fair in October, and I will probably go to that, too.  This was our first and only Idols concert.  I can’t imagine going back for seconds next year, because I can’t imagine that any of the contestants could come close to Adam’s talent and showmanship.  We shall see, though.

Tomorrow, it’s back to business, but I just had to let the Fangirl Within blather on for a bit.

Shameless Wedding Cake Teaser

22 May
Just look at all that potential energy.

Welcome to Appliancedome. Two mixers enter. One mixer leaves.

Here it is.  The calm before the storm.  And here are the players:

See that container of cocoa powder hiding in the back?  I'll be going through TWO of those guys.

See that container of cocoa powder hiding in the back? I'll be going through TWO of those guys. Oh, the onions and garlic aren't actually playing a part in this production. They're just being supportive. Thanks, guys.

I decided to sub one pound of shortening for one pound of butter, just to keep things from getting out-of-hand melty should Something Traumatic occur.

I decided to sub one pound of shortening for one pound of butter, just to keep things from getting out-of-hand melty should Something Traumatic occur.

So, it begins.

Oh, and one last shot, in honor of my American Idol and my best-friend-I’ve-never-met, Linda.  I had toyed with the notion of purchasing and applying black nail polish in honor of The Glambert, but Linda told me I should just use chocolate.  Here’s the compromise:  a dark brown nail polish called Hot for Chocolate.  Besides, Adam is a Winter, and I’m more of a Spring.

Don't worry.  I'll take it off before the baking starts.  Nail polish in the kitchen is sacreligious.  And kind of gross.

Don't worry. I'll take it off before the baking starts. Nail polish in the kitchen is sacreligious. And kind of gross.

And now, I leave you to bake and bake and bake.  I’ll post all about Wedding Cake Wonders (hopefully) on Tuesday.  Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone.  And here, listen to my Adam.  Here is the magic of Glambert:  my 75 year old mother and I will be attending the American Idol concert in August in Charlotte because we both think he’s dreamy.

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