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Pie Filling

27 Oct
A lovely apple pie filling? No problem!

A lovely apple pie filling? No problem!

I couldn’t very well tease you about pie fillings and then leave you hanging, now, could I?!  We’ll get into pie crust later on, or you can always look here or here for good recipes.  With this filling method, you will rule the world.  Um, the world of pies at least.  Not only the world of pies, but also the duchys of cobblers, crisps, galettes, turnovers and Bettys.  Take heed:

You will need fruit (enough to fill a pie), sliced into 1/4-1/3 inch slices if big and round (apples, peaches, pears, etc).  If your fruit is small and round (berries), no slicing is needed.  Use a mixture of fruits, if you’d like.  Blueberries are lovely with nectarines.  Raspberries and blackberries go nicely together.  Put your sliced (or not) fruit in a large bowl.  for each large handful of fruit, add about 1 T. flour or cornstarch.  Add a bit of sugar to taste.  For sugar, you can use maple syrup, sugar, honey, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, agave nectar–whatever is sweet.  Add a healthy pinch of salt.  Add a couple of pinches of some complementary spices (cinnamon/nutmeg for apples, cardamom for pears, ginger for peaches, mace for cherries, etc).

Add a bit of liquid–maybe a total of 2-4 Tablespoons, depending on how juicy your fruit is.  This liquid could be water, but that’s boring.  Try a splash of liqueur or fruit juice.  A squeeze of lemon juice will help to balance out very sweet fruits.  Add a handful of chopped toasted nuts if you’d like (walnut or pecan for apple, almonds for peaches, etc), or a handful of raisins or crystallized ginger.

And that’s it.  Toss everything together, put it in your pie shell, and bake it at about 375 degrees, F, until the filling is bubbling throughout.  Like I said, the world is your…..pastry buffet.  No need to stress over a recipe for pie filling–the variation possibilities are endless.  Enjoy yourself!

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